original title: The Lucky Stiff
rating: 4.30(198)
The U.S.
horror, Comedy
Director: Anthony Perkins. in roles: Donna Dixon, Joe Alaska, Jeff Kober, Fran Ryan, William Morgan Sheppard, …
running time: , 82 min.
release date: 1988


Fat Ron Douglas no luck with women. His bride ran away from him in the day of the wedding, and on holidays, he decides to go to the mountains, to acutely feel the pain of loss, in the hotel where he was to spend the honeymoon. But suddenly Ron meets Cynthia, beautiful blonde girl, falls in love with her and wants of reciprocity, which immensely improves their self-esteem. Cynthia invites Ron for Christmas dinner, and inspired by Ron agrees, not suspecting, that the main dish for the insane family of his new passion has to be HIMSELF.

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